Friday, August 26, 2011

{PFF} Phone Fun Friday!

Happy Fun Friday!
I wanted to add something fun to this blog, something that can be done on a weekly basis, so I will be sharing my phone fun with you!  I take a lot of photos with my phone, like... a lot. But now days they also have all these new apps that make these phone pics even cooler!  They may not always be the best lighting or the clearest shot - but they are... FUN! (pun intended)

I have an HTC EVO that has an 8 mega pixel camera, love! It is a little hard to get that crisp clear shot unless you are perfectly rock solid no wind blowing around you still. But, its still fun to try! :)
I have a few apps that I'm obsessing over now like, BeFunky Pro.  If you have any camera phone apps that you are also loving I would love to try them out, post them in the comments!

Last Sunday, I attended the St. Louis Shot Party held my this lovely lady, Kelly Manno.  This was my first time attending and I am so happy that I did!  I went knowing no one, other than a few Facebook friends.  But I am sure excited to have met some other Ahhh.Maaaaaz.Ing photographers in the St. Louis Area.

The Kelly Manno

Ashely from LeLe - should have taken with her sister too!

Becker, an awesome wedding photographer in CA
Bobbi+Mike - an amazing husband/wife team who travel all over the place taking the most beautiful photos

And now, just some randoms from the week...

One of my favorite places (love the reflection of the fork :] )

This stop light can be the devil some mornings

And Last but not least, the banana told me to do it.   Happy Friday!!
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Blue skies and sugar highs...

The Lane's headed to the Cards game, and the girls were so excited!  It was a little sad when we all were standing in the living room and Francesca says (pointing to Dan, Alyssa and I), "... you have a baseball shirt, and you do, and you do...." then she pauses and thinks really hard....  "where is MY baseball shirt!!????"  poor girl!  She didn't know that Dan and I had already talked and agreed we HAD to buy her one when we got down to the stadium.  Luckily she was in a good mood and understood we were going to get her one when we got there. Yay for us!

We rode the metro link to the game, the girls were super excited about that too.

Alyssa went to a game with a friend last season and signed up for the Kids Club.  She had all kids of fun stuff, including these tattooed arm sleeves.  Francesca thought she was so cool, just like her big sis.

It was the perfect day to be outside and go to the game.  The heat/humidity wave had broken, there was a nice breeze and you didn't start sweating as soon as your foot stepped out of the shower.

Alyssa's face cracks me up here - I have no idea what she was doing/thinking.  hahaha

We waited just long enough for Francesca to start asking where the cho-cho was and when would it be there, and why, why, WHY!

Finally, the cho-cho came :)

We were lucky enough to grab a seat!  Francesca thought going through the tunnels was the.neatest.thing.ever.  If you totalled up the amount of time she was NOT talking.... it would maybe have equaled... 2 minutes.
Going through one of the tunnels

And we have arrived...!

I was so sad that I didn't get a picture of how excited Francesca was when she finally got her baseball shirt.  While I was paying for it, she was holding it out in front of her by the shoulders of the sleeves, dancing and twirling with it up against her.  Like she was Cinderella, but with a Cardinals Shirt!

Before we went to our seats, we just walked around showing the girls some things.

We ran into Fredbird, who always knows how to play a joke.

Francesca would then NOT take her eyes off of him, she was like "oh no you didn't just do that to my sisters hair!"  Hey, at least she is protective of her older sister!
My family!

We went to our seats and had a pretty good view.

The girls were surprisingly both really into the game.  Both wanted to know what was going on and who was doing what, and why! lol.

There was ice cream...

And cotton candy... not my choice, or course :)

Francesca caught me trying to sneak some pictures of her :)  She was starting to get a little sleepy.

And what game would be complete with out the WHOLE stadium doing the wave.  It was pretty cool.

It was a pretty good night.... <3

Sherry Lane

Thursday, August 18, 2011

{Kaneidra & Jeff} Maternity

So, let me tell you about this girl....
 her name is Kaneidra...
I love her more than words can explain.  We have known each other for far to many years to count on both hands and have been through so.much.together. 

Four years ago she married this amazing person, Jeff.  He is as good as they come, the best...
and now they are expecting their first little baby in September.  They have decided to keep the gender a secret, as well as the names they have selected.  
Kaneidra and Jeff are amazing people.  They are going to be amazing parents. 
And baby E will be one amazing child.

I cannot wait to meet you baby E!!!  I tear up with joy thinking about when you will be here, as if you were my own.  It is so hard to explain the excitement one feels when your best friend is having their first child. 

K & J - I truly love you both and cannot wait to watch you grow even more with your new little one.

Sherry Lane

more from their session:


 of course I had Jeff working...... he was fantastic!

Leave your thoughts on baby E's gender in the comments section!!  :)  I will take a tally and post and update when the baby is here!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Welcome to the blog!

So hi there! Welcome to my new blog! I am super excited to start sharing the stories behind the photos I am posting on Facebook and my Website.  Check back here for new photos and adorable families when ever you can.  There are sure to be some funny stories about my own family as well :)  Thanks to everyone who supports me and continues to follow my work!

Sherry Lane