Wednesday, October 19, 2011

{Josh, Marlene, Carter, Baby Boy} Family/Maternity

Yes, I am blogging during the World Series!!!  Go St. Louis Cardinals!!!

I met up with Josh, Marlene, Carter and baby boy to be almost two weeks ago at my favorite place again! :) Faust Park. (Sorry I am a little behind Marlene! Thanks for being so patient!!)

Marlene, you make being pregnant good!!

Carter, is quite a character!  He was making up poses and showing ME how to do it!!  It worked out well I think!

Marlene is expecting another boy in a few weeks.  Carter is going to make a great big brother!!

When Marlene changed her shirt to this short sleeve purple one, I got a little excited about her tattoo!  Love these colors!!

Marlene, your family is so adorable!  Thank you so much for letting me capture these moments for you!!

Sherry Lane

Sunday, October 16, 2011

{Chris, Nicole, Ellie, Aj} Family

I love when a session comes to an end and I feel like I have known a family longer than the hour and what ever minutes we have really known each other for.  I hug the kids and tell them how fantastic they did, remind the parents how a stinking dorable their children are.  Pack up and smile cause I know I've gotten some wonderful images.  Ones that will be this families heirlooms one day.

I met Chris, Nicole, Ellie and Aj at Forest park last weekend. It was beautiful.  A little warm, but I am dreading the winter season coming up, so I'm not going to complain!

This family was ridiculously cute, loving and hilarious.

And it all comes from these two right here.  They are funny! They are cute! and they laugh at each other!

This is Eleanor, aka Ellie. She is three and ZOMG adorable.  She is full of life and has an awesome personality.

I was not lying when I said she was ZOMG adorable.  This is probably my new favorite photo :)

And then there is Alexander, aka Aj.  (ps. I love the full names and nick names for these two.  So fitting for each of them.)  He is 10 months old and already a charmer.

He made my job very easy, all i had to do was say, Hhhhhiiii and I got this adorable face.

Ellie looooves her little brother.  She was so sweet and helpful with him.

Nicole, you are beautiful...  and while the kids didn't get their blue eyes from you, yours are just as beautiful!

Both mom and dad have such great smiles.

I let the kids run around wild for a minute to catch Nicole and Chris together.

Ellie was just to the right of us about to charge with a tree branch..... hilarious!  But I still snagged this one in time, love.

So not to scare anyone.  Aj was not really tossed this high... I was slightly down hill :)

This shot was one of the last group photos that was taken, the kids had done great the whole time... but were clearly done.  But even though it was a little craziness at the time, i love this one.

I think I said, ok, we can be finished about ten times... but the kids kept doing cute things... so I kept snapping away.

Chris and Nicole, thank you so much for choosing me to capture your families memories this fall.  I am thankful to have met you and the little ones.  As I said a million times, they are simply adorable.  I had a blast!

Sherry Lane

Saturday, October 15, 2011

{PFF} Phone Fun Friday

So, not sure if anyone noticed I skipped my {PFF} post last week?  No? Darn.... lol

I had a little issue with a picasa photo album that posts to my blog... it disappeared..... <---insert wanna puke in mouth feeling here.

So..... after a long week of re-uploading and re-posting - all is good :)

And you may notice the new look here? I'm in the process of updating my look - and I have to say... I love it!! :)

Here is my phone fun from the past week, enjoy!

My fav photo location - Faust Park.


Balloons in my trunk for a session.

 Shadow in the parking lot.  I love that you can see through the cup!

In the car wash - my soapy window, kinda cool!!

Waiting for the car wash to get finished - no edits!
New App!  Paper Camera

I think this a fun new app to play with.  You can take a photo with this program or transpose your existing photos into new works of art.  I am finding I like using this particular app with things.... and not people.

Happy Friday!

Sherry Lane