Saturday, October 15, 2011

{PFF} Phone Fun Friday

So, not sure if anyone noticed I skipped my {PFF} post last week?  No? Darn.... lol

I had a little issue with a picasa photo album that posts to my blog... it disappeared..... <---insert wanna puke in mouth feeling here.

So..... after a long week of re-uploading and re-posting - all is good :)

And you may notice the new look here? I'm in the process of updating my look - and I have to say... I love it!! :)

Here is my phone fun from the past week, enjoy!

My fav photo location - Faust Park.


Balloons in my trunk for a session.

 Shadow in the parking lot.  I love that you can see through the cup!

In the car wash - my soapy window, kinda cool!!

Waiting for the car wash to get finished - no edits!
New App!  Paper Camera

I think this a fun new app to play with.  You can take a photo with this program or transpose your existing photos into new works of art.  I am finding I like using this particular app with things.... and not people.

Happy Friday!

Sherry Lane

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