Saturday, October 15, 2011

{Marla, Jonathan, Rob}

I meet up with Rob, Marla and her son Jonathan early last Saturday morning.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day in the city.  First we played around at the City Garden, such an awesome place.

OK - so Marla - you are absolutely stunning... beautiful... gorgeous!  And Jonathan is the sweetest, funniest most handsome five year old I may have meet.

Seriously! Look how adorable you two are!!!

Marla gave Jonathan some change to throw in the wishing pond.  He could not wait to get over there and make some wishes.

I had Jonathan write his own name on the chalk board. I loved it, he loved it, and he was so proud!  This should defiantly be played on his wedding day slide show... :)

Jonathan said he wanted a break - it was Robby and Marla's turn!

You three are so adorable, I can't even take it!

I never would have guessed that having this session in October that we would still play in the water... it was perfect for it - a hot October!

And now... the wishing pond.  Jonathan was soooo excited for this.

He was actually mouthing wishes to him self - too bad I am not a lip reader.  So stinking cute!

Rob then gave Jonathan a modeling class - and seriously... it paid off.  Look at this heart breaker.

Then we headed over to the St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Stadium, Jonathan loooooves the Cardinals, Albert Pujols.... and wanted to find the Rally Squirrel. :)  And he also knows most of the players numbers, pretty impressive!

Future home run hitter right here.  BAM....

I couldn't decided if I liked this next one better in black and white or color - so I posted them both.  This is Jonathan's "game face"...... and I would say he totally nailed it.  LOVE.

Trying to squeeze a few more smiles out of him....

Rob, Marla and Jonathan - thank you so much for allowing to me spend the morning with you all.  I had a great time!  And Jonathan - I will take you up on the lunch offer very soon :) !

Sherry Lane

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