Tuesday, January 31, 2012

{My Family Portrait} #1

I think the middle of last year I started following a blog that was doing this super cute idea, a family portrait each month.  A family portrait of your own family.  Genius.  I love the idea of doing this and not "getting ready" just for a session.  This time around I had a little help and had a family member snap this one. (Thanks Lisa!)

I am excited to see how we all change this year, so here is our family #1.


Are you a 2013 Senior?  Are you active in your school?  Are you ready to be a {SLP SENIOR MODEL}!!??

I am looking for FOUR students to become my {SLP SENIOR MODELS}.

A few rules!

You must be an active member in your school.  Clubs, sports, music, dance, etc.

You must be available in April for a photo session.

You must have your parents consent.

Please contact me for more information through my website!!


Sherry Lane

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

{Belly to Baby} Miss Kennedy

You may remember the maternity session I did a while ago?  Sarah, Jordan and their adorable girls...  I am finally getting around to blogging some of the fall sessions I missed.  And the arrival of sweet Kennedy!

Sarah and Jordan have such an interesting story about miss Kennedy's arrival.  Sarah's brother, Gary and girlfriend, Katie had due dates pretty close together.  They even scheduled all of their doctors appointments and ultra sounds at the same time!  Sarah was visiting Katie in the hospital while she was in labor on Friday September 30th when she received a phone call from her doctors office.  Her blood work came back a little off and she was told to go straight to the hospital and be admitted!  All she had to do was walk out into the hallway because she was already there waiting for her nephew to be born!  Just four and a half hours after Sarah's nephew Gage was born, Miss Kennedy made her entrance via c-section!  mom and baby were perfectly healthy!

Due to hospital policies at this particular location, I was not allowed into the delivery room.  Jordan had his camera and did a great job! (I guess having your third daughter, you know the drill!!)  He also allowed me to use the photos in our slideshow to share the whole story, belly to baby.

Untitled from Sherry Lane on Vimeo.

Congratulations Sarah & Jordan on another beautiful baby girl!

Sherry Lane

To schedule a session, please contact Sherry lane here.

Friday, January 27, 2012

{PFF} Phone Fun Friday Returns, for now :)

Good afternoon!
I have not posted a {PFF} Phone Fun Friday in..... forever.  I am not sure anyone really cares they went away... but - I like doing them when I can!  SO, I'm gonna.  :)

I got a little crazy busy in the fall and they started diminishing through the weeks.  But this past week I was in the lovely land of Ft. Lauderdale Fl for a business trip for my day time job.  And the best and only camera I had with me was my trusty HTC EVO.  And I actually had a little me time, Alone. On a Beach.  In 78 degree weather.  UM, chhhhhhhhya. It was insanely calm and therapeutic.  It was awesome.

And enough of my blabbing.  I hope this brings some warmth to good ol' St. Louie soon.
(if you are my Facebook Friend, you may have already seen some - sorry!!)

Flight was packed... and squished.  And then I got a dirty look because I forgot to turn my flash off. Bhaha!

The W. Awesome hotel!

A friend in the room

Glass showers.  Um, Don't forget to pull the terrace curtains closed before hoping in.... just sayin.

Gift Shop Magnet

Glorious Sunrise from my terrace

Lunch View

My time.

Life Guard. Safety first!


Mr. Palm

Again.  I needed this.  

This is when I almost changed the date of my return flight....

Mr. Crooky

I think I waited 25 minutes for this sail boat to put the sail back up.... never happened. LOL

See you again soon.... <3
I hope you all are having a fabulous 2012!  I am in shock that it is almost February 1st already!!  (PS. Alyssa gets her cast of on February 6th!!!!!!!! We. All. Cannot. Wait.)

Sherry Lane