Saturday, November 12, 2011

{Gary, Katie, Gage} Family

Happy Saturday!  I am going to keep this one short and sweet and get right into the photos!

Meet Gary, Katie and 1 month old baby Gage!

When we meet two weeks ago - it was pretty chilly outside.  Maybe like in the upper 40's?  We would cover little Gage up and make him all warm and toasty and then un-cover him when I was all ready with my settings.

AhhhhhAHHHHH ahhhhhhh
 CCCCChhhhhhhho!  Bless you sweet baby Gage!

Gage's old man grumpy face as Katie and Gary called it.  TOO cute.  He knew how to use those eyebrows!

Gage is sure to grow up doing a little hunting with his dad.  How adorable are these coveralls and boots!  And no better day than to show them off - opening hunting weekend!!

Gary also grew up playing hockey his whole life.  I am sure this will be another fun this he will share with Gage as soon as he starts walking!

Thank you Gary and Katie for spending the day with me! I can't wait to squeeze on Mr. Gage again :)

Sherry Lane


  1. OMG!!!! How cute are they?! I love these pictures. And Gage looks just like Gary. Good job everybody! :)