Tuesday, November 1, 2011

{Ryan, Jessica, Braden, Aubrey} Family

The Kirk Family!!  Thank you so much for being patient through this busy fall season!  I wont keep your post waiting any more... :)

I met the Kirk's out on Main Street a few weekends ago.  It was a little warmer than we expected - a special thanks to Ryan for still wearing his fall sweater in the almost 80 degree weather... you rock :)

Here is Aubrey and Braden.  They are some busy bodies!  Aubrey just turned 2 and Braden just turned 4.

 As a little trick to get my little ones to look in the camera when I want, I tell them there are fish in my lens.  Braden said he got one... and that he did. lol

Miss Aubrey was a little shy at first... she wanted to do everything her brother did. So adorable how she looks up to him already.

Love this one! Seriously, how cute are they!?

You are beautiful Jessica!

 Jess... you are h.o.t. like whoa.


I think we made Ryan blush with a little P.D.A....   sorry about that :)

Ryan, Jessica, Braden and Aubrey - thank you so much for spending the day with me! I had fun chasing the kiddos around!

Sherry Lane

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