Thursday, November 17, 2011

{John, Rebecca, Courtney, Nikki} Family

Meet the Bakers!

I had so much fun taking photos with this group.  John, Rebecca and their two girls Courtney and Nikki are so funny!!  

John and Rebecca just celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary.  How awesome!  Congratulations to you two - that is a huge accomplishment!!

How adorable are these two?!

You girls are both so beautiful!!!

ha! I love this one!  I don't remember what I said to do - but it worked - love it!!

You guys are seriously one good looking family!

I hope my girls are still this close with their father at this age.  I love it!

And they of course keep their mother up with the trends.  Awesome shoes ladies - my daughter maybe getting some for Christmas.... shhhh! :)

Thank you so much John, Rebecca, Courtney and Nikki!  I had so much fun!

Sherry Lane

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