Wednesday, November 16, 2011

{Kristen & Pete} Wedding; part one

The Wedding day of Kristen and Pete; Part One.

Well, I am speechless.

I have been sitting here trying to figure out how to define this day.  I just can't find the right words because it seems as if everything I write is not good enough.  There are no words that can do this day justice.  Yes, it was beautiful, it was perfect, it was magnificent.... but that doesn't seem like enough.

First off, the Elder family - you guys rock.  I have known the Elder family for a few years or so now... and they are the most loving, hilarious and kind family I have ever met.  They welcome everyone in with open arms... and maybe a few bear hugs from each of Kristen's the brothers :)  Sharon and Dave - you have done a wonderful job raising your children to become awesome people.  It is my hope to do the same for my girls.

To the Hiltner Family, I hope you enjoyed your visit to St. Louis and ate as many toasted Raviolis you can stuff in one sitting. It was nice meeting and spending such an important day with you all!  

I have been working on this "preview" since the week after the wedding, and well...  it is going to have to be shown in parts.  I just cannot narrow it down to 25 photos to preview this whole wedding!  SO, this "part" is of the ladies getting ready.  Enjoy!

I meet up with the girlies nice and early to start the marathon of pampering.  I think when Kristen showed me her shoes, my jaw may have swept the carpet.  Fab.u.lous. 

*Side note, for those of you who do not know Kristen, she is this amazingly talented singer/songwriter/bongo drummer/and more...  Lots of family members are musically bless in the Elder family, but Kristen and her brother Tyler are also known as Leland's Road.  You can go like their Facebook page here. And listen to their music here.

Back to the ladies...

Remember how I was saying how awesome this family is?  Kristen, of all things to worry about on her wedding day, was sitting and writing Thank You cards to everyone who helped out with the wedding.  So un-believably sweet you are Kristen <3

and if you couldn't tell, Kristen's mother - Sharon.
Pete's father admiring Kristen's shoe choice...

Kristen, you are gorgeous.  You have an infections smile and soul.
brides hair: Erin Rosenkranz

The whole day went smoothly.  Kristen would be chatting it up laughing and smiling... and then she would stop and smile... and the tears would start falling.  She was so adorable, so emotionally excited that her wedding day was here.

brides make up: Kate Keiser

Pete wrote Kristen not one sweet letter, not two, but THREE.  That's right fellas - take notes here.  This first letter was written to Kristen the day before Pete proposed to her.  So adorable.  And great job Pete :)

a very special thank you to the best assistant I could as for, Leah Westbrook.

More to be posted soon.

Sherry Lane

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