Monday, September 12, 2011

{Jordan, Sarah, Addyson, Brooklynn, Baby Girl} Family/Maternity

Meet Sarah and Jordan.

They are on their way to baby number 3!!

She will make daughter number three as well :)

How fantastic does Sarah look for a mama to be, of number three!

I should probably stop saying number three now, huh?  Sorry - got a little carried away there. :)

OK - now onto their beautiful girls.

This is Addyson. She is 3 years old.

O.M.Gaww.  She is bea.UT.i.ful.

 And she is really fun.

This is Brooklynn.  She is the big ONE year old of the family.

She has the most amazing blue eyes... No coloring here folks.

Look. At. This. Dimple. Oh my word.

She didn't like it when we took the chalk board...

So... we gave it back.

This is my fav from the day. Such a sweet family.

Brooklynn decided taking pictures was too cool for this girl.  She had some exploring to check off her list.

So, I had a little modeling session with Addyson.

She totally rocked it.  Like for real.

Thank you Sarah and Jordan for letting me capture you and the growing family! 

Be prepared for a little more of this family people.  Sarah will be my first baby story adventure. Yay!

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