Friday, September 23, 2011

{PFF} Phone Fun Friday; Francesca Style

Lets see if I can get through this sentence with out tearing up...

Today is my baby's THIRD birthday! ......

Nope, couldn't do it... TEAR!

This week has been bittersweet for me.
The sweet side: I had the joy of spending five days home with my dear Francesca this past week.
The bitter side: I had the joy of spending five days home with my dear Francesca this past week... because she has been sick with pneumonia.

Another nasty cold turned into pneumonia for my sweet little girl.  This is her third time having this yuckiness... and the past two times have been towards the end of winter... and this one is before fall even starts... I am a little worried how this winter could pan out... Lets hope her little lungs heal and we are done with this for this winter season! Or even all winter seasons! :)

We are hoping she is well enough for her Tangled birthday party this Saturday.  We are also hoping it is not too chilly out for her to attend, it is outside!  It maybe cut short if not...

I decided to go through my phone for this {PFF} and put up my fav phone pics of little miss, ya know - cause it is her birthday!  So there are way more this week than normal... I am hoping you wont mind!

Virginia Beach - visiting family

Crazy Sleeper!

thinking reaaaaaaally hard about touching that fish...

 knocked out walking the pier in VABeach

loving the sand, we thought she was going to hate it
hee hee

gettin' her nails did

 me not arguing with her about wearing winter boots in 100* weather

  binki and bunny are a thing of the past!

 what you can expect Francesca to look like if you randomly show up at our house


binki days.....

playing babysitter

baby blues

picked for mama

she is so big!

Yep mom - I am gonna be three!


she does this with every apple, never fails.

my crazy baby girl

Night love.... xoxo

I love you Francesca, I love you the most-est!!!


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  1. Happy Happy Birthday to Frannie Cheskers! I can't believe she's 3 already! I hope she's feeling better and has a FANTABULOUS Tangled party!