Friday, September 16, 2011

{PFF} Week 4

Happy Friday!

This Friday is EXTRA special for me.  Remember my bff's Maternity session? She had her baby yesterday! 09/15 Im super excited about this date...  My birthday is 08/15  we already have a bond  :)  (P.S.  I was right!)

OK - lots of randomness this week... well really - its always random. HA!
The one day I forgot a lunch it was POORING.  This is my reflection, with the rainy parking lot in the background.  I like how you can see the grass, then the parking lot (bright white strip) and then the cars and trees at the top.

The day I didn't forget my lunch, Mmmm Chex Mix, Bold flava!

We let Francesca paint her nails, supervised of course.

She doesen't do a horrible job...

We got to baby sit Miss Maria on Saturday!  We had lots o fun :)

It's a Bird... It's a Plane....  Its a blurry Full Moon and a street lamp!  I love this photo! I was trying to take a photo of the Full moon, through my windshield and this is what happened.  The light in the middle of the photo is the moon, and the smaller ones towards the bottom are street lamps.

Lyssa and her fancy new Level 5 team leo.  It has bling. :)  We are also hoping her tan lines fade by the first meet in December.  Otherwise I may have to go all Pagent mom and break out the spray tan in a can.

This photo makes me sad.  It was all the trash next to my car getting out in the Shop N Save parking lot

Don't let that damper your day...

Grab your jackets and have a fabulous weekend!

Congrats Kaneidra and Jeff! I love your baby so much already!


Sherry Lane

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