Monday, September 26, 2011

{Scott, Megan, Jackson, Cooper} Family

I met with this cute little family on a yucky rainy day, but luckily they have this awesome, beautiful house so we didn't have to cancel!

Plus I think the boys got to do somethings they normally don't get to do :)  Like climbing on tables and chairs and throwing balls at people...  we had some fun!

Ready.... one, twooooo, THREE!!

Mr. Cooper decided that my leg looked like a train track :)

Jackson knew all about his trains, I think it is fair to say they could be one of his favorite toys?!

I love when it works out that dad has a mini me and mom also has a mini me.  Jackson is all dad and Cooper is all mom, no doubt.

I think this one is my favorite of the day.

Megan taught 5th grade before she had her adorable little boys.  And let me tell you, these boys are smart!  Jackson is working on writing his name and works so hard to keep those colors in the lines.

Cooper was in heaven, he dumped out the whole crayon box.

Love those lashes...

I love when little kids are so focused and bite their lips, cause you know that helps your coloring!

While the kiddos finished up coloring, I tried to snag mom and dad for a few more photo ops...

But before we knew it, the kids were over and jumping in their laps....  they wanted to make sure they were not missing out on all the fun!

And one more, because what Megan said after I snapped this is what I love to hear...  This is what we normally look like on a Sunday afternoon!

Thank you Scott and Megan for trying out the (un-planned!) in home session!  I hope you and the boys had as much fun as I did!

Sherry Lane

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