Saturday, September 3, 2011

{Dave-Jill-David-Mason} Family

Today I met up with Jill and David, and it was a HOT one!

They have to of the most a.dor.a.ble boys I have ever seen!

This is lil' David.  He was one tough cookie to crack... (his name should have been lil' Jill - cause he looks like his mama!! )

But I think I got him.... He has the prettiest eyes!

Our session ended in a waterfall :)  A much needed cooling off.

This is Mason. He has the most beautiful head of curly hair I have ever seen.  I'm pretty jealous.

He likes trucks.

He also likes to climb on stuff when no one is looking. :)

And this is Deuce. Isn't he so handsome!  He was a good boy the whole session.

Jill and David, you have one awesome looking family.

I MUST point out in this picture...  Look at Lil' David and Jill... SAME expression.  Look at David and Mason... SAME expression.  How funny is it, that their two kids resemble one parent SO much!

I love this picture... gotta love Deuce!!

Jill, I think this one should be your Gallery Canvas :)

These boys are gonna be breaking some hearts one day...

But for now, they are just a set of Mama's boys. <3

Thanks for sticking it out in the heat today guys!  And for doing all of my crazy requests :)

Sherry Lane

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