Sunday, September 11, 2011

{Mr. Mathew} newborn

I had the pleasure of meeting Mathew at the wonderful age of 26 days old.  He is simply perfect :)

After finishing his mid afternoon snack, aka a bottle, Mathew was in milk heaven.  My favorite newborn state...

His sweet little sighs and whimpers were just delightful.  I could have cuddled him all. day. long.

My husband does not like when I do newborn shoots...  Because then all this cuteness is on my mind...

Mama likes Tigger.

Cousin love, the first grandson!

This little boy has country in his blood.  There is no doubt Mathew will grow up to be a hunting, fishing, horse riding little guy.

And a special birth announcement, just for proud mom and dad to show off their new little one...



Congratulations Stacey and Mike, Mathew is just perfect!

Sherry Lane

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