Wednesday, September 28, 2011

{Eric, Francesca, Finn, Lila} Family

This past Sunday was a beautiful day! I met up with Eric, Francesca, Finn and Lila out at my faaaavorite location, Faust Park.

I started off the session with a little pile up - just to get them ready :)

 I think it is fair to say the kids thought that was pretty fun.  After a few knees and shoes close to the face area, I believe my exact sentence was, Ok, enough abusing mom and dad now...

I let the kiddos up for some running and a little Eric and Francesca time.

This is Finn, he just turned 4 a few weeks ago.  He is one handsome little dude.

And he seriously has one of the best smiles and a million facial expressions

Miss Lila..... one hot firecracker.  Shedidnotstopmovingthewholetime.  And my oh my, she was hilarious!!


This is seriously one a.freaking.dorable family!

It all comes from this... a HOT mom and dad!!  Francesca is totally working those eyelashes!

And our session ended in a barn.  Don't worry - no horses or... stinky-ness.  Just awesome lighting.

Finn was "catching the dust..."

And a little shout out to a fellow Blogger.  Francesca writes about good, awesome food here.  Go fall in love and leave her a little blog love.

Her chocolate chip cookies are to dieeeeee for.  I know because she gave me some at the end of our session............. Awesome. :)  Those rode home in the passengers seat. Yum.

Thanks Eric and Francesca!  I had so much fun hanging out with your family and thanks for hanging in there so long! :)

Sherry Lane

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  1. You were right - this IS a cracking location!! Great work!