Friday, January 27, 2012

{PFF} Phone Fun Friday Returns, for now :)

Good afternoon!
I have not posted a {PFF} Phone Fun Friday in..... forever.  I am not sure anyone really cares they went away... but - I like doing them when I can!  SO, I'm gonna.  :)

I got a little crazy busy in the fall and they started diminishing through the weeks.  But this past week I was in the lovely land of Ft. Lauderdale Fl for a business trip for my day time job.  And the best and only camera I had with me was my trusty HTC EVO.  And I actually had a little me time, Alone. On a Beach.  In 78 degree weather.  UM, chhhhhhhhya. It was insanely calm and therapeutic.  It was awesome.

And enough of my blabbing.  I hope this brings some warmth to good ol' St. Louie soon.
(if you are my Facebook Friend, you may have already seen some - sorry!!)

Flight was packed... and squished.  And then I got a dirty look because I forgot to turn my flash off. Bhaha!

The W. Awesome hotel!

A friend in the room

Glass showers.  Um, Don't forget to pull the terrace curtains closed before hoping in.... just sayin.

Gift Shop Magnet

Glorious Sunrise from my terrace

Lunch View

My time.

Life Guard. Safety first!


Mr. Palm

Again.  I needed this.  

This is when I almost changed the date of my return flight....

Mr. Crooky

I think I waited 25 minutes for this sail boat to put the sail back up.... never happened. LOL

See you again soon.... <3
I hope you all are having a fabulous 2012!  I am in shock that it is almost February 1st already!!  (PS. Alyssa gets her cast of on February 6th!!!!!!!! We. All. Cannot. Wait.)

Sherry Lane

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