Friday, August 26, 2011

{PFF} Phone Fun Friday!

Happy Fun Friday!
I wanted to add something fun to this blog, something that can be done on a weekly basis, so I will be sharing my phone fun with you!  I take a lot of photos with my phone, like... a lot. But now days they also have all these new apps that make these phone pics even cooler!  They may not always be the best lighting or the clearest shot - but they are... FUN! (pun intended)

I have an HTC EVO that has an 8 mega pixel camera, love! It is a little hard to get that crisp clear shot unless you are perfectly rock solid no wind blowing around you still. But, its still fun to try! :)
I have a few apps that I'm obsessing over now like, BeFunky Pro.  If you have any camera phone apps that you are also loving I would love to try them out, post them in the comments!

Last Sunday, I attended the St. Louis Shot Party held my this lovely lady, Kelly Manno.  This was my first time attending and I am so happy that I did!  I went knowing no one, other than a few Facebook friends.  But I am sure excited to have met some other Ahhh.Maaaaaz.Ing photographers in the St. Louis Area.

The Kelly Manno

Ashely from LeLe - should have taken with her sister too!

Becker, an awesome wedding photographer in CA
Bobbi+Mike - an amazing husband/wife team who travel all over the place taking the most beautiful photos

And now, just some randoms from the week...

One of my favorite places (love the reflection of the fork :] )

This stop light can be the devil some mornings

And Last but not least, the banana told me to do it.   Happy Friday!!
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